Sunday, May 26, 2013

Random Photos

Posted by Deirdre Oakley, DECATUR, GA -- The other day I received a text from AT&T saying that you could trade in your old iPhone for a free new iPhone at your local AT&T store. I headed to mine in Decatur only to be told by the mumbling salesman that my iPhone wouldn't be worth much for a trade in. "But I thought the new phone was free," I said. "Not really," he said. Then he went on to say that my iPhone "was the lowest of the low with only 3Gs and a really lousy camera." I should mention that I purchased my iPhone in 2011, a mere two years ago. I really wanted to get into it with this guy especially for insulting my iPhone but I decided it wasn't worth it. I thanked him and left. But his comment about the camera made me curious so I downloaded all the random, spur-of-the-moment photographs I've taken. Turns out that was a good thing because I was running out of storage. So I want to dedicate this post to my iPhone by showing a selection of the photos I've taken with its really lousy camera. 

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