Social Shutter is a weekly blog capturing community life through a camera lens. Photo essays and single captioned photo submissions are welcome. Click on the Submissions link for more details, or email Deirdre Oakley, Editor, at doakley1@gsu.edu

One new submission is uploaded every week on Saturday or Sunday. 


Deirdre Oakley, Editor, is a sociology professor at Georgia State University who loves taking photographs of everyday life in the city. She purchased her first 35mm camera when she was at Bowdoin College during the early 1980s with the money her parents had given her to live on for the semester. When her parents found out she had run out of money they assumed she was hooked on drugs. They were so relieved that it was only a camera they didn’t get angry. Before returning to graduate school she worked in magazine publishing—including Vanity Fair and Fortune—for almost seven years. She received her Doctorate degree from State University of New York, Albany in 2003.

Chandra Ward, Managing Editor, is a doctoral student in Sociology at Georgia State University. She is a Research Team Leader on the GSU Urban Health Initiative, which is a study of public housing relocation in Atlanta. She received her undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Georgia in 2000 and her Master's from Texas State University in 2005. She worked in market research for a while but hated it so decided to go back to what she loves: Sociology. Aside from using photography to capture little-known informal urbanscapes, her research focuses on examining public housing transformation and other urban policies from critical race and spatial political perspectives.

Debby Yoder, Contributor, is working on her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology at Georgia State University. She comes from a long line of photographers and enjoys documenting a variety of experiences. A big fan of women's basketball, you can often find her cheering on the Atlanta Dream or one of the local college teams.