Thursday, July 5, 2012

Caribbean Proud

Posted by Debby Yoder, ATANTA, GA --  Atlanta boasts a rich and diverse Caribbean culture with most of the 28 island nations represented.  Recently the city's 24th Annual Caribbean Carnival was held downtown. This famous parade began on West Peachtree Street and wound to the Sweet Auburn District for an all-day festival. There were more than 30 masquerade bands, marching bands, and steel bands delighting the thousands of spectators with beautiful costumes and a variety of musical traditions. And in the Sweet Auburn festival village there was more: foods from every region of the Caribbean, and lively musical performances throughout the day. The annual tradition has become the third largest Caribbean festival in the country, and this year featured Jamaica for its 50 years of independence. Everybody had a good time and I am looking forward to the city's Caribbean Jerk Festival happening over Labor Day weekend.

Debby Yoder is a Social Shutter Contributor and is working on her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology at Georgia State University. She comes from a long line of photographers -- including her father -- and enjoys documenting a variety of urban scenes. She can be contacted at


  1. Awesome event! Pictures are fantastic! One thing I really appreciated about this post was that it tied to another event/aspect of the local community (Caribbean Jerk Fest). Many times I read these posts and they get me fired up, and I want to take action. This one gives me something my friends and I can do! Thank you!

  2. Yes the Caribbean Jerk Fest should be fun! Thanks for reading Social Shutter Mary!