Saturday, January 21, 2012

Very Fine Art

Posted by Chandra Ward, BALTIMORE, MD -- I don’t consider myself a consumer or a big fan of Fine Art. However, while I was in Baltimore over the holidays, I stumbled upon the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore which had some of the most interesting art I have ever seen.  The museum, as its name suggests, is a visionary one in every sense of the word. Here, what is considered mainstream fine art is challenged by artists who create innovative and eccentric art out of unexpected materials.   At the All Things Round: Galaxies, Eyeballs and Karma Exhibit, you can see images carved in Styrofoam cups and bottle caps, mechanical ships made out of toothpicks, mobiles made out of scrap metal, as well as sculptures that seem to simply emerge out of drift wood, plastic, shattered glass, and other everyday items. While I was in the exhibit I wondered: "if I had this kind of artistic talent, would I ever think of using these materials to create such fascinating works?" 

The museum is also great for families, as many of the works are interactive. The gift shop is another highlight. It's incredibly affordable, so you can leave the museum with unique mementos and kitschy gag presents for friends and family. If you are in the Baltimore area, a visit to this museum is definitely worth your time.

Chandra Ward is the Assistant Editor of Social Shutter and a Doctoral student in Sociology at Georgia State University. You can reach her at

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