Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Deer Day

POSTED BY ANGIE LUVARA, Keyser, WV—On my drive home last Monday, I was reminded of something I hadn’t thought about in quite a while—Deer Day. As I passed the “Welcome Hunters” sign on the local convenience store that sells guns, ammunition, a large supply of camouflage hunting gear, and beer, I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten about Deer Day. An official holiday in West Virginia, Deer Day commemorates the first day of deer hunting season and falls on the Monday just before Thanksgiving every year. While I never hunted, I always appreciated Deer Day because it was one more day out of school. I vaguely remember the year that we had to go to school on Deer Day—there was a shortage of bus drivers, teachers, and students.  The District decided never to have school on Deer Day again.
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