Sunday, November 14, 2010

Introducing Social Shutter

Both researchers with a passion for photography, Deirdre Oakley (Editor) and Angie Luvara (Managing Editor) have come in contact with many others who were also writing articles and taking photos that touch on sociological issues. Frustrated by the small number of venues for these types of work, we decided to launch Social Shutter. Social Shutter is a weekly venue for photo essays and single photos with extended captions about everyday social life. Powered by sociologists, journalists, poets, observers of life, writers, creators and thinkers—all with a passion for photography—Social Shutter will post one new submission every Sunday. We look forward to sharing our stories with you, so be sure to bookmark our site and add us to your Sunday morning reading routine! We will go online this coming Sunday, November 21, 2010.

We are also always accepting new submissions. For information on how to submit works to Social Shutter, click the Submissions link on the right.

We here at Social Shutter are interested in bringing together like-minded people and creating a venue for them to share their works with our followers. Feel free to spread the word to any and everyone you know that would be interested in reading or submitting works to Social Shutter.

Thanks, and we look forward to sharing our works with you, and your works with our followers!

Deirdre and Angie


  1. This looks very promising for lots of meaningful displays from around the world. I hope that I can post some of my photos here.